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ADR ADVISOR Mary Angela Moore, a professional leadership and entrepreneurship trainer, is author of the book, From Passion to Profit: The Total Guide Book for New and Aspiring Entrepreneurs. She was CEO of English with Mary Moore, LLC for more than a decade and in 2019, she became charter President of the Rotary eClub of Planet Shakers under Rotary District 7090, based in Buffalo, NY, USA . She has inspired youth and trained employees of reputable institutions in diverse cultures around the world.

How to Lead Yourself Through a Crisis – by Mary A. Moore

Real life, as we all know, is full of polarities: mountains and valleys; highs and lows; peace and war; happiness and loneliness; success and failure.

Though we, Earth’s human beings, are considered to be the wisest and the most powerful creatures on planet, there is a domain of control that we are incapable of. That domain is the control over the physical world. An Earthling like you and I can only control his or her inner self but not external dominions such as the direction to which the wind blows and where the current underneath the oceans flow. When the Earth sways and quakes rig off houses, when the sun blows its fire onto barren lands, we humans get physically hogtied and pushed to derangement IF WE ARE NOT WISE.

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From Xenophobe to Xenophile – by Mary Angela Moore

China from Mary “Angela” Moore’s Lenses


“The lenses of mass media as the sole window to the outside world is detrimental to the way we perceive our fellow Earthlings. Somehow, It can burn bridges more than build them.”
“大眾媒體的鏡頭作為通往外界的唯一窗口,對我們認識地球人的方式是不利的。 不知何故,它可以燃燒橋樑而不是建造它們。“

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