We Will Do Very Little Business On A Dead Planet – by Christophe Poizat

It is a sad but true fact: we will do very little business on a dead planet. The pristine beauty of our planet is at risk of being destroyed. What has taken hundreds of millions of years to elaborate and many species could be forever gone within a few decades because of the negative impact humanity has on planet Earth.

Because we have been cumulatively oblivious in responding appropriately to the harsh impact our way of living has had on our environments, we now find ourselves in the middle of a crisis where our survival is at stake. Never before has the planet been in greater danger. Never before has an immediate remediation been so critically needed and so vital for our future.

All the global issues we are facing must be immediately and collectively addressed. We ought to find new ways of producing goods, new ways of consuming goods, new ways of conceiving and conducting our business activities and new ways of recycling waste in larger quantities. We must act together, as one family! If we fail to act now, we will soon face the risk of extinction. It is not being pessimistic, it is simply being realistic. We need to get our acts together, fast.

Fortunately, there has been a shift of consciousness in the last few years and many people now realize something must be done to urgently address all the global issues we are facing. We know we must eliminate extreme poverty. We know we must provide education on a larger scale. We know we must use natural resources more wisely. We know we must reduce our carbon footprint. We know we must work together in our everyday lives toward building a more sustainable model. We must act on the largest possible scale and in the shortest amount of time for maximum efficiency.

The World is in dire need of a new paradigm that will bring more happiness to the largest possible number of people. We need to find and make more peace within ourselves before the world will be at peace. We must stop admiring values that are vacuous and people that propound and profit from them. Enough of those false values that lead to the delusion and destruction of entire generations. We must restore a community of shared values where everyone prospers and not only a happy few. Sounds utopic? Keep reading!

Nothing needs to be invented, everything we lack already exists under one form or another and only need to be rediscovered. We need to rejuvenate what assured the survival of our ancestors, what provided shared joy. We must evolve spiritually. We can’t afford to stagnate at this stage of the evolutionary process much longer. Sainthood for a handful of people is not what we are after. What we are after is a massive global shift of consciousness. It will happen when more people awaken and unite their mind, heart and spirit.

It will happen when people regardless of creed, color, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation walk hand-in-hand knowing we truly are one family – the human family. It will happen when more people realize that when something negative happens on the planet, to a community or in our daily life we all suffer from the consequences. It will happen when we consciously reconnect with the core of our human nature and exercise our birth rights which make us co-creators of our destiny.

191 countries, members of the United Nations, signed the UN Millennium Resolution in 2002 which aims to eradicate extreme poverty by 2015. However, there is still an incredible amount of money wasted on warfare around the world. Today is the time to transcend our differences and unite our energies to solve our many challenging issues. Does it really matter to become the number one company in any given market at the expense of our common wealth and the well-being of the world?

Every day, more than 1,000 children die because they didn’t get a 15-cent measles vaccine. Almost 3 billion people around the world live on less than $2 per day. This is absolutely not acceptable. Have we really tried our very best? Governments continue to play their myopic power games while millions of people die of malnutrition, curable diseases, lack of clean water and the consequences of greed, avarice and ignorance.

The solutions will not come and have not come from governments alone (if at all). The solutions will come from entrepreneurs – social-eco entrepreneurs. A social-eco entrepreneur is someone who recognizes a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage a venture to make social change that is sustainable and for the highest good of humanity. (slightly adapted from Wikipedia’s definition).

Social-eco entrepreneurs have the collective power to make a real difference in today’s world and can make a very significant impact now and for generations to come. Social-eco entrepreneurs have the collective responsibility to take on – one by one – all the challenges that humanity is facing.

When the performance of traditional entrepreneurs is measured strictly in terms of profitability, the performance of social-eco entrepreneurs is measured in terms of the positive impact they have on society. Social-eco entrepreneurs measure their success in terms of the level of contribution made toward resolving all the global issues currently threatening the planet and humanity as a whole – one by one.

It is imperative to encourage social-eco entrepreneurship and to inspire younger generations by instilling the spirit of social-eco entrepreneurship worldwide. As long as we keep measuring our progress in financial terms where profitability is the main driver, we will continue to miss our essential imperatives. We will continue to fail collectively with consequences that are seriously threatening the very survival of humanity.

Social-eco Entrepreneurship can change the world and provide a better world for generations to come. Today is the day! We are one – one family, the human family. Now is the time to join in and do good works: http://bit.ly/join-INSE

Not convinced? Always remember, we will do very little business on a dead planet…

In Peace,

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