Will there be an Easter in 2020? – by Lisa M. Scuderi-Burkimsher

As a child, on Easter Sunday, my mother had my clothes neatly pressed laid on the bed. My wardrobe consisted of a light knee length dress, normally sky blue or ivory, with white socks, and white patten leather shoes. She’d tie a light blue ribbon in my hair and hand me rosary beads to place in my tiny white purse. Then my parents, brother and I went to church. I had been too young to understand the importance of the day. All I cared about was getting home to my basket of chocolate and toys. After mass we’d go to my grandmother’s house for pasta with simmering tomato sauce cooking on the stove and a rack of lamb with fresh garlic hot in the oven. It filled the room with a delectable aroma. Year after year we continue the same food tradition, not the wardrobe, and spend it with family. But this year may be different…

I’ve seen movies about it and even wondered if it could happen, but to live it, is surreal. Easter is April 12th. Will we be with family? Will anyone be able to spend it with their family or go to church? With Covid-19 aka Corona Virus across the world, who knows?

I never imagined seeing the supermarket shelves bare of toilet paper. I don’t know why this is? I assume someone bought a large quantity and a customer saw this and did the same. Then it became a chain reaction. But it’s not just the toilet paper. Paper towels, cleaning disinfectants, over the counter cold medicines, etc., are difficult to find. I tried to order paper towels online and delivery isn’t until May 1st

We are all in a quarantine and the virus is spreading day to day. When I read about it in the news back in December, I never thought that it would hit this hard. Businesses are closed, people are working remotely from home, schools are closed, and high school seniors likely won’t have prom or a graduation ceremony. So, what does this mean for Easter with churches now closed? It’s a frightening time in the world and what is there to do? Here’s my opinion.

If you’re a Catholic like me, you believe that Jesus sacrificed himself to save us. At the last supper he broke bread with his disciples and three days later ascended to heaven. As per every day and especially on Easter Sunday, I will be praying to Jesus for this to subside and the world to get back to normal. While praying, I will stay home unless it’s absolutely necessary to go out for food and necessities.

If you’re nervous, I find reading a good book and exercise helps release anxiety and provides energy. My exercise preference is the treadmill or recumbent bike. Each day I make a list of things to do. I take an hour for reading in the afternoon and work on a word search to keep my mind sharp. I also watch the news to be up to date on Covid-19 and the quarantine. My husband is home and I have him doing projects around the house that he normally wouldn’t get to. Also, streaming shows is a good distraction. Nowadays with all the movies and series, it’s easy to find something to watch. However, on Easter Sunday I will be watching biblical movies, and as I mentioned above in this article, praying for better days to come.

Please stay safe and for those who are sick, I wish you a speedy recovery.

Wishing you all, a happy, healthy, Easter.

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Lisa M. Scuderi-Burkimsher

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