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  • Heidi McCarthy – Winner
    The lack of diversity and understanding in the corporate environment is crippling creative, thoughtful individuals from success in their careers; leaders must be credentialed in understanding the bias that accompanies diverse populations in the workplace. Deborah Levine- you have been my mentor – as well as a source of inspiration and hope since graduate school at Vanderbilt University; you helped me understand how my cultural background as the first American born daughter of a Yugoslav alien post WWII shaped my ethics , worldview and life path through your books and articles.💙🎶🙏🎹
  • Venita R. Thomas – Winner
    As a Veteran (U.S. Army) with a disability, I’ve learned from ADR the much-needed importance of DEI. Lessons I’ve learned and will teach; the “E” is not just for “equity”, but for “endurance”, and diversity is not just for the theory of acceptance, but for appreciation.
  • William Hicks – Winner
    As a kid growing up, one of my very favorite television programs (when television was in its early adolescence…yes I am that old!) was “Superman” starring George Reeves. At the very outset of the show, with the ‘Superman’ march playing in the background, was the superhero’s statement of purpose: Superman fought for “truth, justice and the American way!” Deborah Levine today stands in the place of the fictional “Superman” and fights for truth and justice in the American Diversity Report (ADR). Entries to the monthly American Diversity Report are vetted as to accuracy of fact and documentation of source materials cited. ADR addresses the important issues confronting us with integrity and with respect for their complexity.
    Ms. Levine, founder and editor, an award-winning author in her own right, provides a forum for writers with integrity, the highest of moral and scholastic standards and skill to share their sense of justice and truth with others towards the betterment of the human condition. While the fictional “Superman” leapt “tall buildings in a single bound” in pursuit of his crusade against crimes against the “American way”, the American Diversity Report cuts through the tangled webs of deception and confusion to present us with food for thought about pathways to a better human interaction in such diverse areas as education, politics, art and religion. I highly recommend the American Diversity Report for those interested in “truth, justice and integrity of thought.”
  • Isowo Smart. G – Winner
    Thank you once again Deborah for all you are doing in the humanitarian world. The priceless impact you are making in the lives of inmates in and outside of the correctional facility walls speaks volume. We have followed your work keenly, and at this point we must say you remain not only as a beacon of Hope to the inmates but also as a role model to our NGO as well.
    We at CENPRIR (now Impact One Plus Foundation) are deeply appreciative of your impactful work.

  • Nagwan Zahry
    Deborah Levine becomes an important guest speaker in my course “ Media and Diversity” as she shares her knowledge and expertise in diversity with students. Her guest speaker session is well structured and inspiring. Students listen attentively to her interesting personal and professional stories about gender, race, and religion. Deborah motivates young generation to critically think about different aspects of diversity. She provides outstanding students with the opportunity to publish short articles related to any diversity issue that influences them on a personal, academic, or professional levels. By doing so, she helps future scholars, graduate students, and professionals to pay attention to diversity issues in different communication fields such as advertising, social media, and public relations.I sailed through the ADR website in about 4 days because it’s sectioned into digestible topics that kept me curious to learn more. What’s more, the different topics cover all aspects of diversity from different perspectives. ADR gives me direction and motivation to sort out the latest trends related to diversity issues.
    Thank you, Deborah. I’m super-grateful for our collaboration. Your continuous work to support diversity is remarkable. You are a catalyst for change.
  • Kordula Klimpel
    Diversity seems to be the priority in all times, in all areas, in all countries. But in theses rising crises we all have to stand to our high values and save them against all low ideas! There is no place for destruction, extremism and hate! Construction, variety and love lead to respect and diversity! This must be clear in all brains and hearts!!!
  • Marc Brenman
    The American Diversity Report fills an important niche in social justice work, and publishes an interesting and useful array of articles. The publisher, Deborah Levine, is a one-person wonder and a national treasure. Her positivity overcomes great obstacles.
  • Terry Howard
    ADR has and continues to serve as a valuable resource for those involved in diversity work. Kudos, kudos, kudos.
  • Mauricio Velasquez
    Deborah Levine is an extraordinary agent of change. As editor in chief – Deborah has made ADR a mainstay, a cornerstone, a center for discussion, a proving ground of ideas and discussion for change. Keep going – keep pushing – keep leading.

One thought on “ADR TESTIMONIALS – 2022”

  1. Deborah, I finally finished your most enlightening book. It was not an easy read – there was a lot to think about before I could go on to the next chapter. You were very brave to do what you did as it was new that any person, especially a Jew tried with so much passion to unite the different religions, races and cultural diversities. I can only say: I admire you and hope you like what I have to say about this interesting book.
    “The Magic Marble Tree”
    What did I think? – How can I ever do justice to Deborah Levine in reviewing this book? It is mind-boggling. How can one person do and achieve so much? Despite often failing health, Deborah Levine never gave up, and when she could not keep a job at an organization she had built up, she started another. From trying to live her dream of being a dancer, creating a dance school, teaching, coaching, and even teaching dancing to the blind, she became the voice for religious diversity; she received death threats and Awards; she is truly an outstanding woman. In my mind, I call her Deborah Divine.
    Deborah has made her mark as a writer and storyteller; she has authored 14 books and wrote for ‘The Huffington Post’ and other newspapers and academic magazines. Her many articles about cultural diversity are published nationally and internationally. Forbes magazine called her the top Diversity and Inclusion Trailblazer. She created the Women’s Council on Diversity, the DuPage/Chicago Interfaith Resource Network and the Global Youth Leadership Class, to name a few. Presently she is Editor-in-Chief of the American Diversity Report. Her passion and involvement in bringing together the different cultural, racial and religious groups are outstanding.

    “The Magic Marble Tree” is not an easy read – but it is an eye-opener in many ways. She was driven by the memory of her father, the liberator of the Holocaust survivors in 1945 and her mother, who must have been quite a woman. I loved it when in the final chapter, we were all compared to “Magic Marble Trees,” living under the branches of a huge Oak tree.

    As I said at the beginning: It is hard to do this book, no, this work of an author justice. But, read it – it will enlighten you.

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