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ADR Advisor Jan Levine Thal co-founded the Kathie Rasmussen Women’s Theatre in Madison, WI in 2008, serving as artistic director until 2020. A novelist, playwright, and activist, she was a long-time radio personality on WORT-FM in an earlier century. For more than three decades, she was the managing editor of an economics journal. She has degrees from Harvard University, Northwestern University, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her son, Jeremy Thal, is a co-founder of Found Sound Nation and a co-creator of One Beat. And yet her tombstone will likely read, “Sister of the Guy Who Wrote the Kit-Kat Song.”

Identity Debate in the Arts – by Jan Levine Thal

A few months ago, I saw The Doctor by Robert Icke in London. Despite starting earlier and elsewhere both physically and psychically, it’s a most appropriate tale for 2023. At its core, it’s about identity – Jewish identity, gender identity, racial identity, and so on. It asks the question – who can speak for whom? And it offers zero easy answers.      Continue reading Identity Debate in the Arts – by Jan Levine Thal