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Joshua Shoop studied communications at the U. of TN at Chattanooga. He hosts radio shows, podcasts, writes stories, acts. He has completed projects with The Perch, WUTC radio station, In high school, he received the Ochs-Oakes Award for outstanding community service. He looks to continue adding many accomplishments to his bio.

MEN’S MENTAL ILLNESS – by Joshua Shoop

Mental Illness is something that has been a problem for a long time but in today’s time, it has started to receive the attention and awareness that it deserves. Mental illness is discussed in many different ways. It receives national media attention when a celebrity is struggling with depression or when a professional athlete struggles with anxiety. A diversity problem that arises within the discussion and awareness of mental health however is the lack of importance the world puts on mental illness within men. In society today, when men come out and say that they’re struggling with their mental health, it is received with ridicule and hate. 

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