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Dr. Shalini Nag is founder and chief culture strategist at EvidaSolve and co-founder and CEO of ProPhounD. Creator of The Success DeltaTM and #1 international bestselling author, Shalini works with leaders globally to deliver business and competitive advantage by crafting high-performing, inclusive workplaces. Her unique approach blends business strategy, talent and culture strategy, and DEI strategy to shift organizations from ineffective band-aid solutions to sustainable success. In her 20-year career as scientist (A-Star and Yale), consultant (Boston Consulting Group) and culture strategist, Shalini has delivered measurable results at over 120 organizations worldwide. Current projects include measuring Felt Inclusion in organizations and creating a lightweight technology solution that enhances culture in hybrid and remote organizations. Surya Guduru is an experienced energy professional with a focus on sustainable energy transition. He brings together experts & technology to solve energy transition challenges. He is currently consolidating and bringing transparency to climate and decarbonization metrics so that individuals, organizations and governments have the right data to make more inclusive decisions. Surya has lived and worked in North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle-East and brings a global perspective to sustainability challenges.

Bridging the Choice Chasm – by Dr. Shalini Nag and Surya Guduru

A path to a sustainable future

As we get look ahead to 2023, sustainability takes center stage, yet again. Can we really achieve a sustainable future? Today, we posit that we can, if we are able to apply the equity and inclusion lens to the problem and bridge the Choice Chasm – the seemingly unbridgeable gap between the haves and the have-nots, between developed and developing nations, between incumbent practices and emerging norms.

Aftershocks from the Covid19 pandemic exacerbated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, combined with climate chaos made 2022 a chronicle of global challenges. These include the intermittent resurgence of Covid variants, the mental health epidemic, continued supply chain disruptions, internal displacement in Ukraine, worsening food crisis in the world’s most vulnerable regions, and a global energy crisis. By October 2022, weather disasters alone cost nearly 20,000 lives and 30 billion dollars, refocusing governments and organizations alike on sustainability. 

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