Un-Bias Guide for Educators

Un-Bias Guide for Educators

The Un-Bias Guide for Educators is based on the Matrix Model Management System invented by Deborah Levine which embeds the storytelling principles of cultural anthropology in diversity training. The Un-Bias Guide for Educators is a combination text / workbook customized for high school students, teachers, and administrators.  The Guide is an innovative tools for maximizing awareness, boosting sensitivity, and developing competence at a time of intensified biases, both conscious and unconscious.  The Un-Bias methodology is relevant on both an individual and group level.

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“The Un-Bias Guide for Educators is an eye-opening device for bringing students and staff together in these troubling times. Addressed in this edition is diversity among school populations and exercises are presented that will encourage team-building and acceptance. Deborah Levine is an expert at analyzing cultures and how organizations are affected by them. School administrators would benefit greatly by using this manual for professional development in order to develop cultural and organizational awareness among staff and students.”
     ~ Beth Lynne, Ed.D: Technology & education researcher, retired educator


“As a young person who has worked on a number of teams for political causes and academic projects, I felt that the Un-Bias Guide for Educators illuminated the prevalence of bias in interactions and the importance of recognizing it. The Guide begins with exercises to identify personal biases and then progresses to exercises to understand others’ biases through a powerful lens: storytelling. The ultimate effect of this guide is to develop empathy, a trait at the core of effective teams that is crucial to solving problems and addressing the impasses that teams face because of unrecognized biases.”
     ~ Allen Liu: Studies Operations Research and Financial Engineering at Princeton University

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