Keith Weedman: Empowerment & Change

Keith Weedman is Principal/ Founder of Level 3 by Design, LLC. focusing on empowerment & change. He is also a member of the Strategic Diversity & Inclusion LinkedIn network. His background includes an advanced degree in Psychology and undergraduate degree in Industrial Management. Founder of a non-profit organization that empowers public assistance clients to become financially self-sufficient, he also boosts volunteers’ empowerment skills. Weedman’s expertise in socio-economic diversity is featured in a case study by Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

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5 thoughts on “Keith Weedman: Empowerment & Change”

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    Dear Keith,
    I loved what you said here. “Some people sometimes unintentionally holding other people back”. That is exactly what I believe as part of the unintentional behaviours such as bias lead to exclusion and lack of diversity. Thank you for bringing wisdom and light into this topic.

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    Excellent work, Keith. We both do work to educate and empower people, especially those who “are left behind” and lack the skills to pursue their full potential. I look forward to learning more from you and to collaborating on future education & empowerment programs.

    Best wishes,

    Val Margarit

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