Keith Weedman: Empowerment & Change

Keith Weedman is Principal/ Founder of Level 3 by Design, LLC. focusing on empowerment & change. He is also a member of the Strategic Diversity & Inclusion LinkedIn network. His background includes an advanced degree in Psychology and undergraduate degree in Industrial Management. Founder of a non-profit organization that empowers public assistance clients to become financially self-sufficient, he also boosts volunteers’ empowerment skills. Weedman’s expertise in socio-economic diversity is featured in a case study by Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

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5 thoughts on “Keith Weedman: Empowerment & Change”

  1. Dear Keith,
    I loved what you said here. “Some people sometimes unintentionally holding other people back”. That is exactly what I believe as part of the unintentional behaviours such as bias lead to exclusion and lack of diversity. Thank you for bringing wisdom and light into this topic.

  2. Excellent work, Keith. We both do work to educate and empower people, especially those who “are left behind” and lack the skills to pursue their full potential. I look forward to learning more from you and to collaborating on future education & empowerment programs.

    Best wishes,

    Val Margarit

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