Mother’s Day for a True Diversity Futurist – by Sridhar Rangaswamy

Happy Mother’s Day! Celebrated across the world for this year on May 10, 2020.  During the COVID-19 period, it is a time when people are doing social distancing and this is the time through online, to facilitate, help, support, be fair and objective for mothers across the world.

I should state in this time, I had come across a Great Person, Mrs. Deborah Levine, whom I wanted to share and support as a true mother having all the above qualities.

She is a giver and she takes time to do so always promptly, in spite of her busiest schedule on earth-managing multiple things at this time period. It’s not easy, and I respect her fully, support her as a generous, compassionate, humanitarian. She is true being human compared to being born as a human…there is a difference in practice in action and deeds as a true/fellow brotherly/sisterly hood. 

I would definitely call her Mother for Humanity or otherwise, we call her Matriarch for Humanity.

She has also directed ADR New Beginnings to Unite all the different religions in One go. It’s very rare that people wanted to unite, whereas everyone talks of different things which I hesitate to write or state during this time, She is one person who wants to unite and should definitely be called a “True Genuine Diversity Futurist forever”.

Why is this Diversity Futurist need in this hour? We should think, analyze, be self-conscious of ourselves, state to our inner soul, or review logically, honestly to ourselves. Such a person answers the needs of the hour. She is the true person wherever she goes out of her way to do, help, collaborate across the globe/world on this earth planet. She does not leave a single stone unturned. They all state that she is highly perseverance, puts her heart and soul fully to make change for the better happen with genuine sincerity during her valuable time. It is not easy they state, we cannot manufacture similar souls in today’s world as stated during one of my discussions with some of my colleagues in America. 

Even though I was not born to her and I might be older than her  Just for lighter sense….i still consider her as true Motherly love, an affectionate, compassionate Matriarch for the world forever. We all still remember Ms. Mother Teresa (True mentor or Leader for me in this world). Mrs. Deborah stands out as a true leader in this time of crisis. She is trying hard in every way to put people together, counteract hate, and stabilize cities and states using newspapers, media and writing as an Award Winning Author in the world.

To enhance this description of the Future Diversity Leader, she is a woman, a true mother.  People always wanted in the past to put mothers down.  When I was young, I went with my mother to meet the Congress Leader women Mrs. Vaijayantha Mala Bali MP – Member of Parliameent for the Vijay Nagr Extension 12th Main road in Velachery, Madras 600 042 and now changed to Chennai 6000 042  to represent the entire community with her.  At the time, I was about 18-20 years old, really young way back then.  We took almost 40 of our housewives and local teachers and I came to understand the pain and suffering women had gone through due to abuse, neglect and brought up as young female kids to do wrong things and put them into a wrong practice. To champion all this as a great humanitarian, Mrs. Deborah goes beyond the usual inform, educate, and imbibe to preach in actions and deeds and live by example. They say that examples are the best teachers. She does that during this pandemic time. When people are panicking, she stands up and acts as a true matriarch.

As a third party who is totally unbiased, objective, fact-oriented and inclined to speak my mind sometimes without thinking (just kidding), I am honored or privileged to write about an article on Mother’s Day about this true champion, Diversity Futurist Mrs. Deborah Levine.

Sridhar Rangaswamy

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  1. Deborah has been mentoring and giving a people a voice since she was a small child. You can read about it in her book, The Magic Marble Tree. The book, like Deborah, is inspiring!

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