The Changing IT Arena – by Sridhar Rangaswamy

2021 Cyberspace Trends

Many thanks to Deborah Levine, editor of the American Diversity Report, for assisting in sharing my work with the ADR. I’ve been part of IT field for a long time and have presented on Big Data, technology in education. I have also been part of in teaching SQL.

  I used to teach RDBMS for new employees in 1998, then taught in Oracle University on RDBMS, SQL in 1999-2003. I have taught also PeopleSoft University on the Workflow. And have taught as a Mentor for Cyber Patriot in the year 2019 locally in Summerville, SC. Let’s take a look at how IT has evolved and what’s coming up in the future.

Mobile Platforms

Technology is changing at alarming rate in the IT Sector or IT Arena. Once upon a time, we did not have telephone to communicate until invented by Alexander Graham Bell. Now, we use Advanced Smart phones to play games, to do work also be on the social media and communicate with friends only through Text or WhatsApp and new trend is called Telegram. WhatsApp and Telegram can talk instantly to any part of the world depending on the time zone and dont wake them up – just kidding.

Tablets are another equipment similar to smart phones or laptops. It is easy to carry- and with the adamant technology the people are working to do smaller to put in the pocket.

Mobile platforms which are famous operating systems are Android and iPhone. Android is more an Open Source, easy to use also But iPhone is more secured as you know how is Mr. Steve Jobs the great Guru, innovative guru in the Technology who has visited Ashram in India like me – just kidding Compared to iPhone and Android, Blackberry does not have much profitable compared to Its usage – it was initially used more for texting

In the Year 2009/2010 I was invited to be a speaker in Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville (Mobile Monday). During the conference I highlighted how it enhances education as well as being a roadmap to the future. This had a great impact in the schools as well as with the Local leaders about the possibility of using Technology for Kids for truly during this kind of Pandemic time to get educated instead of literally being in the class-Able to provide them the History study in the Mobile applications-download the school link, syllabus and helps them to study in the Mobile.

Workforce Technology

For computers we had Legacy systems we used PDP-11, IBM Big machines using MF COBOL programming, FoxBASE, dbase III plus etc. Through that evolved RDBMS and Oracle was formed as worlds largest #1 Database Company in the world.

Oracle CEO and Chairman Brought Network computing similar to hand held piece to start using in the latest trends and Big Data. I was associated with Oracle conference in 2015 in SFO on Service Oriented architecture which was purchased by Oracle to make it Peoplesoft and was invited to be the speaker in Big data in Amsterdam conference – 2013 / 2014.

Big data is heavily used by Google and Facebook. They both hold humungous number of datas known as Terabytes, now it has gone to Petabytes.

Cloud automation is used to more easily manage cloud computing workloads and services. Cloud automation can be applied to both private and public cloud environments.  And there is a move to  HTTPS  as more secure compared to the usual  HTTP.

AI and Education

Artificial intelligence is similar to Robotics Programming where I teach kids. The sponsor or the company is called FIRSTINSPIRES.ORG  – I represent as a Volunteer or Mentor to provide how the Programming works like how do you do Mathematics same way -How to go from Point A to Point B. It is like instead of you doing for example I wanted to tell go and get the food-you tell the dog for example, same way if you tell the robot it will do it. It will pick up drop, put it top of each of them these are during competition but it can work as you say – programming logics is written inside it. Apart from AI, students can also get certified in Software Engineering and Quality certificate program 

Space and the Future

A dream came true when I worked for NASA in 2006 through Oracle – United Space Alliance to NASA – rocket launching programs. Now, Elon Musk is working on sending US Citizens to Space, and working on sending Rockets to the Mars. With a more immediate impact, Musk has also developed cars without drivers. For the majority of us, this will ease our commute to work. The enhanced technology also provides major advantages to older drives and those with disabilities. The quality of life for these people will be visibly improved in the coming year and for years to come.


Technology should be used primarily to make people’s lives better. This has meant the evolvement of technology in the work-from-home era of COVID-19.

This year due to the pandemic, people were provided with technologies like

Zoom, MS Team, WebEx CISCO, and Team Viewer. These are various collaborative tools which enable virtual teamwork. So whatever you’ve done together in normal times, you can now similarly collaborate through Zoom, Zoom chat or Team Chat. You have options to interact with phone calls through these system and we can hold conference calls also. We can also upload in a SharePoint.

Editor’s note:

As someone who has been involved with computers since the mid-1960s and served as an IT Manager in the 1980s, I wanted to make sure that we heard about 2021 trends from this ADR Advisor who is a computer expert and instructor. It’s an honor and a pleasure to  assist in organizing in writing this article so that his work is not interrupted.
~ Deborah Levine

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Sridhar Rangaswamy

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  1. I have been immersed in technology since 1980 when I learned my son was diagnosed with autistism. I sought out learning tools for him that just weren’t available and taught myself early programming languages and built my own machines. I did eventually go back to school for my BS in computer science but honestly most of the education available, at the time, was rudimentary as I was reading every IT paper and book as soon as it was published. Having worked for Xerox, the single most ground-breaking tech company, and Microsoft I’ve witnessed and participated in some really cool stuff and I appreciate this excellent article. Sridhar did an excellent job of covering all these years of my tech journey and while I keep current in most things IT, in my retirement, I always enjoy great articles like this.

  2. very lucidly explained the evolution of both computer and software up-to-date with the revolution of AI ever unfolding its wings

  3. Sri has summarised the ERA of IT and it’s developments since 1960 till date 2021. As rightly mentioned technology innovation (AI) should focus on solving the problems in the Morden age like COVID-19 to have a safe work and normal living standards! We may touch moon but don’t have clue what’s happening in our I would be very happy to see if technology can solve some human issues! Not to mention about the political chaos and common man falling prey for the wrong motives!!! Thus I conclude we should use technology for better life and strive for further generations to have meaningful time on planet earth 🌏🙏🏼. Om Sai Ram

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