Resolutions by Sam Barbee


Sever the knot – snap buttons and bands.
Never be bound again. Strike a match

beneath the To-Do list and dismiss
dogma – pretense out the door. Rage

with new photosynthesis fueled
by moonlight, proclaim the restored soul.

Stake next season’s garden. Discard weeds
with flotsam and recrimination’s rinds.

Resist waning when language replaces touch.
Fill the hourglass with accuracy.

Leave windows open. Beat back a blue heart.
Refresh ideas’ haven.

Live harder. Skip along sidewalk.
Strip bandages and small talk. Reboot

with swagger. Sip the feast of my holy grail.
Welcome the ghost and its garland of dreams.

Send detractors to their corner with familiar
scraps of rope, and palms of sand.

Unthread her bows. Allow flesh.
Learn my lover’s newest songs.


Editor’s Notes and Image Credit: An image of blue hearts [Carly Gaudreault at Pixabay] possesses a sense of hope and love.

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