Some of us – by Rosalyn Leavell-Rice

I am not happy when I read some of your posts and ask who are these people? Have they always felt this way about me and my people? Some of us are minimizing what happened and trying to justify police officers brutal attacks. However, this particular policeman had no concern for another human being’s life as we all watched his face that lacked any emotions. Yes, there are good and bad people period but this is not about that it is about watching a black man die before the WORLD’s eyes by the hands of corrupt police officers.

This is being done on a regular basis like it is open hunting season on black males. Some of us want to bring up George Floyd’s past to once again minimize what happened as I have stated before if he was butt naked running through the streets, screaming he did not deserve to die like that. Some of us want to question the looting and rioting. Believe it, a lot of that has been agitated by people who infiltrated in the peaceful protest with one agenda to make it chaotic.

Some want to send me quotes and pictures of other people of color and how these people said this and that. The quotes and pictures you send me are not the true representation of what the majority of Black America feels. Some of us want to wait on an order so we can come with AK47, rifles, Glocks etc. and show them a thing or two. This ruins the life of both the shooter and the person they shot. But you better be listening for the trumpet of Gabriel instead. My fear as we move forward with a no license to carry we are going to see more African Americans killed because they too can now carry a weapon without a permit.

Some of us want to make this political, this is not political so stop trying to make it political. This is about the lives of young black men. Some of us say you want to have the hard conversations but when someone discusses them with you, you either really didn’t want to hear it or reality sets in and it makes you realize just how terrible African Americans have been treated in this country for the last 400 years which brings guilt, shame, sorrow and all the feelings you don’t want to have so you shut it down.

Some of us have been silent during all of this because you either don’t know what to say or you are afraid if you say something what ramifications you will experience or positions you will lose. Some of us don’t understand de-funding police doesn’t mean getting rid of them it means restructuring funds that go to the police. It would be great for police departments to have social workers, psychologists, chaplains, and other necessary staff on their payroll to ensure we are addressing our communities real needs.

Some of us say well they kill each other so what does it matter. Indians killed other tribes as well. No one said anyone is perfect and killing is killing but don’t use that as an excuse. Some of us say well they didn’t say anything when such and such died or this happened to someone of non-color well guess what you can only beat a dog in a corner for so long before it will turn on you. (400 years).

Some of us I feel sorry for because you were raised with implicit bias and racism and think this is the right and only way. You have an opportunity to break that nasty generational chain so do something about it. Some of us don’t even realize the contribution that African Americans have made to this country because they aren’t in the history books that are printed in academia. Learn the truth. You would be surprised at the luxuries you have on a daily basis were created by Black people. Examples: air conditioner/heating, refrigerator, ironing board.

Some don’t think African Americans can be highly educated and don’t want to respect the positions they are in. Some African Americans who are qualified for high positions are overlooked because of the color of their skin which means that we settle for less to ensure you don’t have to listen, cooperate or be supervised by that human being.

Some of us keep telling people to go back where they came from unless you are ready to hear the American Indians tell you the same thing stop saying it.

Some of us are just plain crazy and need help.

Some say we love the Lord but we hate people who are different than us. Can’t believe and be a racist too. My heart is heavy, I am angry and unhappy with this particular element. So I close with this, what you do or think on Earth will definitely follow you and brought back to your attention on the day of reckoning.

Rosalyn Leavell-Rice
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