Stars Shine on Everyone – Helga Kidder


Gold bells of Carolina Jessamine
scent the antebellum stairs of the tennis club

A dinner for volunteers,
we crunch the green salad,
nuzzle wine on the terrace.

Spring in February quivers,
throws a range of voices around us
like a warming cloak.
The evening star reigns the sky.
The river’s mirror flickers, sways
city lights in rhythm

like our conversation of the new law
and how I carried luck in my luggage,
an immigrant fifty years ago.

A wall of clouds spreads the horizon.
I hear the pop  pop  pop
of balls on the courts below.

Laughter echoes through the trees,
still bare in their skeletons.

Beyond the stars, darkness hums.

Image credit: Venus and the crescent moon image (NASA/Bill Dunford, Jan 2019) superimposed with parapet stone railing (Pixabay)

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