Blue jay

The Biggest Blue Jay – Poem by Marilyn Kallet

Lives in the hedge next door.
I have hedge envy.

He swoops in once daily
on his no-bagel-crumbs

mission. Four times per,
if I have seeds or multi-grain

bits. Passover begins
tomorrow, so we’ll see

if whole-wheat matzo warrants
his bright blue flight.

I am in love with a bird,
whom Lou does not envy.

He’s a secure guy.
When I confessed that I write to

a poet once a week, the
Air Force dude, Lou

didn’t blink. 39 years,
and he’s serene about love.

The only thing we argue
in our suburban fort

is how to fold the
hand towels.

Also, whether to watch
“All Rise” or

“A French Village.”
I gave him that rerun.

I’ll name the jay
Beau: “O les beau jours

de bonheur

“Oh the fine days
of unspeakable joy.”

Hélas, Verlaine, these
unspeakable days

are not carefree.
Tell Rimbaud we’re done.

I am thankful to be cooped
with a good man,

grateful that the blues
have wings.

Image credit: A Blue Jay in Kensington Metropark (photograph by Scott Baxter)

Marilyn Kallet

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