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Born in 1998 and living all of his life in the southeastern United States, Danny Webb is a sports writer at Webb began writing sports for his school newspaper at The University of Tennessee Chattanooga where he is a Communications major with a Creative Writing minor. Webb will graduate in 2023 and pursue a career in sports journalism. He has experience in writing feature articles, game summary articles, and opinion pieces.

Get women off the bench – by Danny Webb

In 2021, the Associated Press Sports Editors (APSE) received an overall grade of a C on their racial and gender report card, an upgrade from the D-minus they received on the same report card just a few years prior. The curious thing about their C grade, however, is that they received a fairly strong B-plus in the race category, also an improvement on their race grades from years past. If the APSE is making such strides in their racial diversity by hiring a much more racially diverse group of employees, how is their grade still below average? 

The answer–women. 

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