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Dr. Gail Hayes is the CEO of the Handle Your Business Girl Empowerment Zone, an award winning author, and an international communicator who has lived in Asia and in Europe. She is known not only for being a wordsmith, but also for her keen wisdom in helping others (men, women, and children) to navigate the communication gap in relationships, both personally and professionally.

I am Sienna – by Gail Hayes

“You’re the prettiest, smartest girl in the world and nothing can change that,” my grandmother said as she hugged me. There was no other song I longed to hear or no melody that sounded so sweet. 

In 1961, I turned six years old and my family moved from North Carolina to Okinawa, Japan. The Civil Rights movement was in full swing as we moved to a foreign country. I was oblivious to all the noises of race that surrounded me. What I did not know was that ethnicity touches you wherever you go and you cannot hide from it.

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