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Named “World-Class Peacekeeper” and “Everyday Hero” by the Star Tribune, Hanadi is a public speaker and media professional. She is a Human Rights Award recipient and has been published in The Washington Times, the Huffington Post, The Star Tribune, The Guthrie Theater, the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Cosmopolitan magazine, Pantsuit Nation book and Women to Watch radio show. Hanadi is also the “Diversity Watch” on CBS Radio in Philadelphia, a U.S. State Department International speaker and a TEDx speaker. Her sessions at the National SHRM Diversity and Inclusion Conference, The Multicultural Women’s National Conference, The National Diversity Council, and The Diplomacy Summit attest to her caliber and outspokenness.

Leaning in and speaking out – by Hanadi Chehabeddine

In the wake of the killing of George Flyod and the civil unrest that followed, communities of color around the country are feeling more empowered to speak out on issues of racism that make their everyday life harder and even painful. These bitter experiences are not limited to the dominant culture but also take place within communities of colors themselves.

Speaking within the Muslim community, voices echoing sentiments of injustice started rising on the maltreatment of black Muslims under the patronage of Arab leadership. Among the stories that have been circulating offensive social media posts among Arab employers, lack of participants representation among mosque dwellers and incidents of verbal offense among school board members towards black students or their parents.

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