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Hannah Hall has studied Communication with an emphasis in Marketing at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She has a passion for digital marketing and public relations. She has worked as a social media manager and assistant project coordinator. She aspires to have a career that is fulfilling and intriguing in the communication field that allows her creativity to flourish.

Do Better, Brands – by Hannah Hall

Imagine this – you work for a popular, international retail brand that has spent an abundance of money on their marketing strategy across all platforms, such as social, broadcast, and print media. You are given specific, detailed distribution instructions to follow based on the elaborate strategies they have paid to create, yet you notice flaws in their plans. Do you alter their plan on your distribution end in an effort to correct the issues, or do you ignore what you know is wrong because it is technically not your decision? Does your opinion change if it is a diversity-related issue, and it becomes an ethical feeling that the brand should have done a better job?

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