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Holly Paul, Ed.D. is a higher education dean of academic and student services and has served as an educator for 25 years working with primary, elementary, middle, and post-secondary students. Holly specializes in literacy, gifted education, and higher education leadership. In her last years in public school k-12 service, Holly taught and learned from racial and ethnic and minority students. Through this teaching experience she became inspired to be a catalyst for change, promoting both excellence and equity in education. Stacey Burt, Ed.D. is an adjunct professor and has been an educator for 24 years working in the elementary, middle school, and post-secondary setting. She specializes in gifted, STEM, and robotics education. During Stacey’s time as a district level gifted coordinator she was able to develop and put into motion two programs that helped identify and serve underrepresented gifted children. She was also one of three teachers invited to consult on the reboot of the The Magic School Bus Rides Again with Scholastic, Netflix, and 9Story Media.

Reaching the Underserved in Gifted Education – by Holly Paul, Stacey Burt

A Camel Through the Eye of a Needle

The National Association for Gifted Children (2020a) defines gifted children as those “who demonstrate outstanding levels of aptitude…or competence…in one or more domains.” Gifted programs exist to provide enrichment to the core curriculum and support these children in reaching their potential. Unfortunately, racial and ethnic minority students are regularly underrepresented in these programs, with the largest disparity being black students. It is both immoral and illegal not to educate a child on the low end of the special education spectrum. Why, then, do we not have the same moral imperative to help all intellectually gifted students reach their potential?

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