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Kelly Hanwright is a poet, teacher and dog trainer living in the beautiful Smoky Mountains. She creates art to help understand herself and her life. She shares it to help others find strategies to understand themselves and their lives. Work has appeared in Abyss & Apex, Birmingham Arts Journal, and Heart of Flesh Literary Journal.

Día Profética by Kelly Hanwright

At morning, the sky is blood
pouring from the cup of Aries
over brown gingerbread apartments.

A girl exits and hits the stairs to smoke
all day, trata pensar, ¿Qué puedo hacer
para detener la sangre que viene?

Time and again, the world shatters
like an egg, y nunca una solución.
At evening, she sinks with the sun
into quiet oblivion.


Editor’s Translation Notes:
¬—the title: Prophetic Day
—trata pensar, ¿Qué puedo hacer/ para detener la sangre que viene?
[she tries to think, What can I do/to stop the blood that’s coming?]
y nunca una solución
[and never a solution]

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