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Kenya McPheeters is Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Sorenson, a provider of language services for people who are Deaf, hard-of-hearing, or neuro-diverse. She has a B.A. degree in Sociology from the U. of Louisville and is an accomplished leader and operations strategist. Kenya has managed cross-functional teams, consistently guided business growth, provided strategic counsel to senior executives, and restructured and realigned business processes. She has built a full-service ASL (American Sign Language) business from scratch, assuming responsibility for strategic planning, business development, P&L, marketing, advertising, budgeting, key account relations, and customer service.

Three Ways Technology Can Drive Inclusive Communication – by Kenya McPheeters

The ability to communicate is essential to inclusion in professional, learning, or social settings. A Deaf employee, for example, can’t fully contribute to a business unless they can participate in impromptu meetings or hallway chats with colleagues. If English is a second language for a medical student, they need detailed and accurate notes to retain critical information. For a senior aging into hearing loss, losing the ability to connect with family members by phone can be devastatingly isolating. I know of this situation all too well – In my work as a sign language interpreter I’ve seen how connections can be lost when communication isn’t available or readily accessible

In all of these instances, inclusive communication enhances diversity by facilitating involvement, acceptance, and belonging. Today, innovative technology is creating new opportunities for people of different backgrounds, experiences, and linguistic modes to seamlessly share information, collaborate, and engage. Three examples are outlined below.

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