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Michelle Young has poetry in Blanket Stories (Ragged Sky Press, 2014), Festival Writer, and others. Her cover art appears on journals and poetry collections such as Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel (2015) and The Perfume of Leaving (KB Ballentine, Blue Light Press, 2016), resp. She enjoys travel to participate in readings that inspire her writing. Michelle and her husband, Corey Green, reside in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Dancing – Poem by Michelle Young

When we have waltzed to cherry blossoms,
tangoed to tulips and daffodils,
jived to peonies and irises
and Spring has scattered her vestments to the wind,
it is time.

We meet beneath the Callery pear
and you shake her branches
while I pirouette in petal rain,
twirling and giggling
until I fall into your arms.


Image Credit: The “Lovers- Dancing -Silhouette” (designed by Vexels) has been colorized and superimposed on “Cherry Blossom Tree For Your Garden” (