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Nardia Ingram studied at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a Communication major and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Study minor. Nardia has been involved in several organizations on campus, including the Public Relations Student Society of America. She has some experience in radio and broadcasting. She has enjoyed learning about Black history and new ways to break out of racial and gender norms that have been placed.

Black Men in Diversity – by Nardia Ingram

Diversity is an aspect that all people should look for in their everyday life, however, that is not always the case. When it comes to diversity, some people feel the effects of the world more than others simply because they are being marginalized, and that produces a racial inequality that almost all members feel. One particular group of people that have always had problems with diversity and racial inequality are Black people, especially Black men. Black people are continuously being racially targeted based solely on the color of skin despite the several movements that have paved the way for such occurrences to not happen. This racial profiling is exceptionally rampant in the way Black men are viewed on social standards. Typically, these views are very stereotypical and degrade Black men in such a way that they have to be a shell of themself in order to not be seen as a threat or physically harmed. 

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