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Patricia Dewey Lambert, Ph.D., is a Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in Arts Management at the U. of Oregon’s School of Planning, Public Policy, & Management. Patricia has been engaged with NOAH since its inception as a member, ambassador, conference participation, lead author for the 2017 white paper, lead author for the NOAH Arts in Healthcare Management Handbook, and contributor to the Core Curriculum project. Patricia brings numerous tools regarding DEI that come from the higher education environment and contends that through education and professional development NOAH will be able to diversify its membership and arts in health field as a whole.

Integrating the Arts in Health – by Patricia Lambert

NOAH Seeks to Professionalize Arts Programs in Healthcare Settings

No person looks forward to a visit to the hospital or other similar healthcare settings. Oftentimes, being in the hospital is a process that is scary, uncertain, and full of anticipation for answers and recovery. Research has shown that healing is made better by the arts, which bring humanity to institutions such as hospitals, elder and hospice care, as well as those living at home with chronic diseases like cancer or Parkinson’s. 

Despite research that supports arts in health, many health institutions do not have programs incorporating the arts. This is why the National Organization for Arts in Health (NOAH) has remained committed to expanding awareness and acceptance of the arts as a vital component for healing, public health, and wellbeing. 

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