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Patti Hague is a nonprofit consultant specializing in interim leadership, change management, and staffing analysis. Patti’s last full-time position was Operations Director for Hearth Connection. She held leadership positions at Big Brothers Big Sisters, HealthPartners, and the American Red Cross. Earlier she spent 8 years in the field of disability advocacy. Patti served on the boards of the Minnesota Council on Foundations, HealthPartners, Minnesota Environmental Fund, Philanthrofund Foundation and Youth Farm.

The Privilege of Failure – by Patti Hague

Even after forty years, I still remember the most important lecture I heard at college. It was delivered to me by a friend, standing in the dormitory hallway. I had once again done something thoughtless and self-centered. She had had it with me. She delivered a lecture on all of my failings, all of the ways I had let people down and acted in selfish self-interest. Defensively, I pushed back. But I also absorbed what she said.

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