Bea Franklin Podcast – Her Historic Journey

Bea Franklin Bea Franklin is a 98 year ‘young’ inspirational woman who is the daughter of The Pep Boys ‘Jack’ and wife of a World War II photographer. Bea is a breast cancer survivor & is still quite busy going on cruises, attending Broadway shows & UpScale NYC restaurants.



Hear Bea discuss her historic journey with memories of family, famous icons, WW II, and keys to a fulfilling life:


  • Her World War II photographer husband.
  • World War II iconic photos: President FDR with Generals Eisenhower & Patton.


  • Liberation of the Dachau death camp.
  • Photos of Humphrey Bogart, Mickey Rooney & others.
  • House-guests including champion boxer/TV celebrity Rocky Graziano, hockey stars & even a former US President.
  • Attending a NYC Rooftop concert that featured Frank Sinatra.

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