A Benevolent Midwife – Poem by Tausif Mundrawala 

Born in a small village, amidst the dunes,
not during dawn or dusk but mid afternoon.

Progenitor’s countenance was delighted at a glance,
angels in heaven were rendering the radiant dance.

Stillborn made her mother’s womb a barren field,
seed sown bore fruition after commanding her to yield.

In true terms, since birth she was a survivor,
laden with entire kin’s load made her a coherent driver.

She was named Aisha, after a great persona and philosopher,
shaped every situation into a ware to be revered a potter.

Aisha was boon, benefactor, talisman to her entire clan,
Though woman but no one can deny her the coronation of being a man.

At the tender age of 5, she fended for herself and her kin,
axing wood became a norm and guarded herself from grave sin.

Upon returning home she attended all household chores,
for her siblings she was a ferocious tigress to whom they adored.

Then came a proposal from a far flung village,
to tie knot, take vows and prepare her life to be a tillage.

But Alas! this husband-to-be met with his fate,
tasted death, ended everyone’s wait and entered heaven’s gate.

After his untimely demise Aisha was labelled a jinx,
her clan’s ship sunk making her life standstill as a sphinx.

Dark clouds cleared with it brought another man in her way,
though a widower, got a nod to save her from going astray.  

Against her wishes, God’s will took her to a remarkable city,
burgeoning career of midwife awaited her to end her self-pity.

On one of the occasions Aisha caught attention of an affluent lady,
an evident benefactor, her offer lit a shine on her face so shady.

Aisha learned all tricks of pram, oils, massage, swings and swaddle,
to everyone’s astonishment infants responded to her touch and motherly cuddle.

Through her endeavor, earnings and influence she served the deprived.
to contribute to the benefit of mankind and help benevolence revived.

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