Globalism or Segregation? – by Pat Garcia

This is not an article about the world situation.  That the situation in the world is bad, one only has to read in the newspapers, or to look at television, or to scrounge through the Internet.  Some things are tragically wrong in our societies; communication techniques have failed among the different cultures, and understanding or agreement among the countries is practically zilch.  So, this article writer does not intend to rain down hell, fire, and brimstone about what every country is doing wrong. Judgment will come but not from me.

Another forewarning, it is not my intent to point a finger at any one country, race or culture, or place blame or accusation at any nation’s feet. All nations are lacking the ability to bring cultural and social reconciliation among the masses in some aspect, some nations more than the others. So, placing the misère game of the world on one particular nation is not my purpose.

However, this article writer does have a question: global diversity or global clustering?

Which will it be?

My choice for the word of the year is globalism. This writer sees the emigration going on from country to country: the immigration taking place from one continent to the other continent.

But, the writer also sees the segregation: people finding their cultural likeness and moving into global clusters.  The cluster effect is drawing likeness together and ignoring the differentiation. And we call that global diversity.

Clusters of Germans are here, of Americans, there, of Canadians, here, of Italians, there, of Jews, here, of Indians, there, of Argentinians, here, of Spaniards, there, of Africans, here, of French, there.  They come together in the workforce for ten to twelve hours or more in their various careers, and then they go home to their segregated cluster of likeness. Where does the integration take place that leads to understanding that brings about global acceptance, which brings true global diversity?

As my eyes glance, around the world, I see immigration spreading, especially in the business sectors.

The business sectors love to toot their horn about going global.  The dry cleaners are global, the grocery stores have gone global, and the department stores blast from the rooftops that they were the first to go global. Don’t believe me?

Once shopping at Macy’s was possible in one or two cities, or at Harrods’s in London only when you were visiting the United Kingdom, but now all you have to do is go on online with your credit card and order.  Bam! You have just gone global.  And we call that global diversity.

Again, this writer asked herself:  Are we globally diversifying or are we globally clustering? Does the ability to work together for ten or twelve hours or to shop anywhere on our planet means diversification?

“Wake up,” said the Prophet, “Wake up.”

“Why should I wake up?” said the Child. “I’m comfortable.”

“It’s time to move on.”

But where can I go?  Nobody wants me.”

“Yes, they do, Child.  Just don’t mention diversity and leave out unity, and forget about communication, and people will like you.”

“You think so?” Said the Child.

“Of course,” said the Prophet.  “It is only when you start talking about globalism and its advantages that people get nervous.”

“But I learned that from you, Prophet.”

“I know, Child, but no one likes to live outside of their own cluster, or to unify for the common good, or to hear and listen with open ears,” and the prophet chuckled at the frowns that were forming on the Child’s forehead.

“Why are you laughing Prophet?”

“Just wondering what would have been your choice.”

“Oh that’s easy, Prophet. I’ve learned from you.” “Oh really?”

“Sure have. It’s global diversity for me and nothing else.”

A smile of satisfaction lit up on the Prophet’s face as he watched the child began to dance towards diversification.

As we fast track toward a new season, let me say thanks to all of you that have supported me by reading my articles published on American Diversity Report, and especially those of you who have taken the time to leave a comment.

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