Mike Bernhardt Podcast – Tides of War

Mike Bernhardt Mike Bernhardt is an award-winning writer whose work has appeared in many print and online publications including DIVE Magazine, Journey Beyond Travel, GeoEx Travel, and Hidden Compass. He’s also the editor of “Voices of the Grieving Heart,” an anthology of grief poetry. His new short story for Hidden Compass, “The Tides of War,” explores his search for what happened to his wife’s grandparents during World War II.

Hear Mike discuss:
1. The motivation behind writing  “The Tides of War”.
2. The challenges that he faced in researching and writing this story.
Mike Bernhardt3. How can we learn from past mistakes and look at individuals, rather than their racial or ethnic affiliation, when determining who is a risk to public safety?
Too many of us don’t take an interest in our elders’ past and stories until it’s too late. History is far more interesting when viewed through the eyes of those who lived it. In times of war or conflict, societies tend to fear and even criminalize innocent people.



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