Oh My Scorpio by Chris Wood

Oh My Scorpio

You are my lover,
my impulsive, passionate thrill,
tight-fisted and lost
in your own turmoil.

This Capricorn lives
on solid ground, predictable
and steady while you
raft the turbulent waters,
riding wave after intense wave.

I pace the shoreline,
throwing a life buoy
luring you to dry ground.
But the waves cocoon you,
a false safety net where you hide.

You run from the open sky,
the moon and the sun
that guides my outstretched hand,
our fingers slide past each other.

I grab and tug. The current
drags you back. I steady my stance,
adjust my grip.


Editor’s Notes and Image Credit: See “Capricorn and Scorpio Compatibility: Love, Sex, and More” by “Angel Eyedealism” and the illustrated map of sky [by Studio Grafiikka, available for purchase]

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