She Descends – Poem by Meena Chopra

Crisp autumn air
Splendid bronze
Marinated gold
Silver and copper
The entire landscape

She descends
The deepest splendour
The palette
for she has swallowed
All the colours and
The fire
The skyline
The setting sun
The gold and the orange
Burnt earth
The molten core
Sienna and the umber
The cool clouds,
Bright and royal purple sky.
Dripping ceruleans
The formidable sea
SHE! The Restless Streak

She is the queen
Brilliant royalty
Spreading the wings of life.
A limitless
Enigmatic, imperceptible flight
Till it grays down
The cold dry winter.
Till the glaring reality
Life will cease to be!
Till the lack of mystery
Engulfs the reasons
A quest, disguised.
For she has swallowed
Her desire for life!

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