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Dennis Ghyst, Ph.D.  has over thirty years of corporate, independent, and academic experience. His strengths include extensive seminar facilitation and coaching experience in the areas of health, stress management, emotional/social competence assessment tool applications (EQ-i/360 certified), leadership development, career transition, organization development, and team building.  He has designed corporate training curricula and conducted numerous graduate and undergraduate university courses.  In addition, Dennis has facilitated a wide range of health and stress management-related seminars for BLI, an EAP training organization, CDC, and the USDA Graduate School.  In addition, he is Content VP for Original Web Design Team, a high-end Houston-based internet/social networking branding company. For the past 16 years he has provided management training and coaching OiPartners/CMR, and Lee Hecht Harrison, leading national career transition firms.  In addition, until its closing several years ago, he was an instructor for nine years at National-Louis University where he facilitated business and applied behavioral science courses in the HR graduate program and several undergraduate programs for public and private sector employees. - A sampling of Dennis' clients includes VHA, AT&T, BellSouth, ConocoPhillips, University of Scranton, Bush Agricultural, Boeing, Southwire, The American Red Cross, Concert Telecommunications, The United Way, United HealthCare, Southern Company, and Fortis Insurance.  

Regaining Forward Momentum – by Dennis Ghyst, Ph.D.

Our Challenging Times

In much of the Developed World, we’ve struggled with the worst economy since the Great Depression of the 1930s. In addition, we live in a culture that has grown increasingly pessimistic in the face of multiple global challenges that seem too complex for our species to navigate. Pessimism seems a lot smarter, certainly more hip, than optimism.

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