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Judy Kimeldorf has never been published in her life before she turned 80. She actively participates as a volunteer in many local organizations. In 2000 the local YWCA selected her for the Inspiring Woman of the Year award, shortly after fighting off breast cancer. Judy does a lot of public speaking to support her various causes and organizations. She has marched against war and for peace, chanted for civil rights and equality, and stood up for human dignity all her life. People enjoy listening to her great stories and admire how she can insert humor into tense situations. She currently leads a small indigenous Trump-resistance group in Olympia, Washington. She has lived with Martin and their several dogs in Tumwater, Washington for over half her life. Martin has enjoyed contributing poems and essays and images to the ADR journal. He thinks of Deborah Levine as a very smart and funny person. For their 40th anniversary, Martin collected over 150 poems he has written to Judy in a small booklet entitled How To Stay In Love, Forever.

Remembering: A Woman’s Life Well-Lived – by Judy Kimeldorf

Reflecting at 80

Judy Kimeldorf was born in 1940 and witnessed or participated in world-changing events from the erection of the Berlin Wall to Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech, and now the disappointing step back into nationalism and fascism. She spends her time in retirement on community projects including Food Banks, monthly standing out with Trump-GOP protest placards programs, coordinating a program providing back-to-school supplies for limited income families, and guiding her local home owners association. I (her husband of 40+ years) invited 50 of her close friends to celebrate her 80th birthday. Judy and I celebrate  birthdays by remembering and reflecting, and this year, Judy recalled experiences shaping her life across 80 years. This piece is built from that speech and contains lessons for us all about balancing our fears and disappointments with our hopes and blessings.
Martin Kimeldorf

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