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Professor Diller graduated as a Southern Scholar from Southern Adventist University and received her Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in Early Modern History. She enjoys reminding students that not only was the world not always the way it is now, but that humans could have made choices that would have resulted in very different outcomes. We still have choices as we “make history.” The trajectory of the modern world was not and is not pre-set or inevitable. Diller is passionate about teaching because she believes that education expands the heart and mind and helps people better become who they were created to be—giving them the tools and perspectives and dispositions to be agents of change in their sphere of influence.

Interfaith Dialog Adventist Style — by Dr. Lisa Diller

“A Third Way” conference, small but fervent in participation, was recently held in Chattanooga, TN. The main point and goal of the conference was this: How do we have a strong Christian identity that is also benevolent to others? So many times “tolerance” goes along with a weak identity, weak loyalty to a tradition. On the other hand, people who are really strong in their beliefs can sometimes behave in hostile ways (or perceived hostile ways) to outsiders. The idea for the conference was that there was a “third way”—a way to have a strong identity that is generous and benevolent to outsiders.

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