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Rob is a certified cross-cultural trainer who is dedicated to sharing his knowledge to improve the lives of others. He fuses his multilingual and intercultural skills with his corporate and travel experiences to deliver cross-cultural training and consulting solutions. Born in New York, Rob has traveled across the United States to better understand the diversity among regions. He has also traveled extensively through Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and the United Kingdom, along with many other countries, experiencing their cultures. He has worked for Bloomberg and Dwellworks, and with organizations such as Coca-Cola and 3M.

Here to Stay: Cultural Diversity & Inclusion – by Robert Maisel

The words “diversity” and “inclusion” are big buzz words in today’s society, and they should be as they are very relevant and important in today’s times. But although these words are often thrown around, it is important for us to think critically about what they mean. And to assess their impact on business and society as a whole.

Many large companies are hiring for diversity in race and gender, amongst several other categories. But why, so often, is culture left out of the equation? Should it be? Definitely not. And here’s why.

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