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Rose Opengart earned her Ph.D. in Human Resources & Organizational Development. She is the owner of HR Doctor, a human resource consulting company, and an Adjunct Professor. Dr. Opengart also holds professional certification in HR and has experience working as a career coach and in the human resources management field, as well as in academia. She has presented research at many international research conferences and published articles in academic journals and trade magazines. Her articles have been seen in newspapers, The Employment Digest, Job Seeker Weekly, Job Market Weekly, Workplace Fairness, and The Edge Business Magazine. She can be found on LinkedIn and at

Find your “where”: where they care about diversity – by Rose Opengart

Chart your own professional future. Because where you work can make all the difference in the world in your job satisfaction. Why not? Now is the right time. Unemployment is low and there is a labor shortage, so you have choices in jobs!

This means that you should act with purpose in choosing where you work. Figure out what is important to you and then, while interviewing, ask questions that help you learn about the company and if it is a place where your needs and values will be met. If diversity is a critical value for you, it should be as well for the organization at which you work. How can you determine how important diversity is to an organization just from an interview? You will want a sense of this before deciding whether or not to accept an offer of employment. You can acquire this information during an interview by asking questions like the following, observing, and listening.

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