Black Trumpers beware! – by Terry Howard

Now this may come as a newsflash to some, but the mosaic of Black folks cuts across a wide swath of differences. Monolithic we’re not. 

And, like any other group, we’re capable of doing some “what the hell were you thinking?” idiocy. Look, no one – I repeat, no one – has a monopoly on stupid. Which takes me to the front page of a local newspaper and what I cannot believe I’m about to write about.

“Oh no, you gotta be kidding,” I thought. To verify what I hoped not to see, I leaned to get a closer look at photos of the 18 people in Georgia indicted for conspiring to overturn the 2020 presidential elections. Among them were faces of two Black somebodies: a Trevian Kutti and a Harrison Floyd.

I immediately turned to finding as much as possible about Kitti and Floyd and, thanks to William Spivey who writes about politics and race, I was able to quickly get up to speed on them and the fate of other “Blacks Trumpers.”

Before jumping on the Trump bandwagon, Kutti worked for two “beacons” of Black role models, Kanye West and the now jailed R. Kelly. In 2021, wrote Spivey, Tutti joined the Young Black Leadership Council under Trump. 

On the other hand, Floyd is a director of Black Voices for Trump and a staff member for the 2020 Trump campaign. In addition to racketeering charges against him in Georgia, Floyd also faces assault charges in Maryland. As of this writing, Kitti turned herself in and Floyd is in the Fulton County jail after being booked in the election subversion case.

Now of course, it’s within their right to support Trump. That’s not my issue. However, they must be held accountable for illegal attempts to return Trump to office.

The case against Kutti and Floyd is that they worked with white Pastor Stephen Lee to harass Georgia election worker Ruby Freeman. Wrote Spivey, “Lee banged on Freeman’s door demanding entry as Freeman called 911. Lee identified himself as a police chaplain from Illinois and told Freeman that she was “running out of time” and that he could help her and her daughter, Shaye Moss, both of whom had been accused of pulling fake ballots when they served as volunteer poll workers.”

Freeman was threatened with jail unless she provided information about voter fraud. Kutti warned her “that an armed squad of federal officers would approach her and her family within 48 hours and that Kutti had access to very high-profile people who can make particular things happen in order to defend yourself and your family.” 

Now try as one might it’s virtually impossible to dislodge the image of the teary-eyed Black mother and daughter testifying before the committee investigating the January 6 insurrection before millions of viewers and the scores of vicious threats they later endured. 

Turning now to what’s up with other “Blacks Trumpers,” beginning with Stacey (remember her?) Dash. 

Wrote Spivey, “Stacey Dash was a regular contributor on Fox New supporting Donald Trump and denouncing Black causes. She denied the existence of voter suppression, attacked Black Lives Matter and got fired from Fox News for cursing on-air while talking about former President Obama. She was accused of domestic violence against her fourth husband and currently is trying to reinvent herself and said she’d had a drug habit costing over $10,000 a month.”

Next, Herman Cain who kicked off his campaign by attacking the accomplishments of President Obama. His campaign came to a screeching halt when his longtime mistress publicized their relationship. During the height of COVID-19, Cain attended a crowded, mostly maskless Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma which resulted in hundreds of people contracting the virus. Cain was diagnosed days later and died from the disease. 

As we know, Ben Carson rose to fame based on his achievements in medicine before he figured he could parley that fame to becoming President. Once a Detroit school was named after him. Unfortunately, Carson’s downfall started when he bad mouthed President Obama by spouting, “Obamacare is the worst thing since slavery.” 

Carson’s support of Trump led to his becoming Trump’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, during which his term was best known for incompetence and buying expensive furniture. The Detroit school board was so ashamed of Carson that they took his name off the school building that once honored his accomplishments. These days Carson is heading the American Cornerstone Institute, which is fighting the evil of, get this, “Critical Race Theory.” 

Now in case you’re wondering whatever happened to other Black Trumpers who were tossed onto the heap of also-rans, research the current situation of the “pastor” from Cleveland, Darrell Scott, formally CEO of the National Coalition for Trump who connived in a failed attempt to get 100 Black pastors to endorse Trump. Today Scott whines about being kicking out of his apartment for not paying his rent and having to drive a nine-year-old car because he supported Trump. 

“I’m at a loss to think of a single Black person who was better off because of their association with Trump,” concluded William Spivey. “My advice to any Black person asked to support Trump is to run away. And any money he promised probably wouldn’t have gotten paid anyway.”

Clearly there are definite outcomes that come with hitching oneself to the Trump bandwagon, among them indictments, humiliation, drug dependency….and the possibility of death to COVID deniers. 

Terry Howard

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