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About Deborah Levine, ADR Editor-in-Chief

Creativity, Words, and Branding in a Diverse World — by Deborah Levine

Diversity & Inclusion
Diversity & Inclusion

It’s not easy being catchy, creative and on-target when branding yourself. Projecting our uniqueness into the loud, busy, multicultural market place is a challenge. Many of us don’t see that every detail, like the words we choose, contribute to our brand, even when we think no one’s paying attention. The trick is to make our choices consciously, rather than randomly, as entrepreneurs are trained to do. Ask me how I know that and I’ll share my story, as well as some tips I learned along the way.

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About Deborah Levine

Deborah J. Levine is an award-winning, best-selling author, cross-cultural trainer, and inspirational speaker. Her lifetime passion for diversity and cross- cultural work began in childhood as one of few Jewish families in the British Bermuda and grew with her insertion into New York City area schools. A teenage activist, she joined her first civil rights picket line in 1965, was an early volunteer with SNCC, and joined the first Women’s Liberation March in NYC circa 1970. With degrees in cultural anthropology and urban planning, Deborah spent decades developing cultural programs. A former executive for Jewish advocacy organizations, Deborah is headquartered in Tennessee, is a cross-cultural trainer and consults on projects that broaden the Southern – Global Connection.

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