Fiona Citkin: Women Immigrants Success in the US

Originally a professional educator from Ukraine, Fiona  Citkin is among the successful women immigrants to the US. She  came to America as a Fulbright Scholar studying languages and cultures. She holds 2 doctorates, speaks 3 languages, and has published several books,  including the award-winning Transformational Diversity. Fiona is Managing Director of Expert MS Inc. For her latest book, How They Made It in America , she interviewed 100 immigrant women and profiled 18 of them in this book.

women immigrants

Editor’s note: I’m honored to be included among the 18 profiles in the book.

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One thought on “Fiona Citkin: Women Immigrants Success in the US”

  1. I feel truly honored being interviewed by Deborah Levine, an outstanding woman, author, as well as one of my eighteen book subjects in “How They Made It in America”. Deborah’s podcasts are important steps in all-American community upping their efforts in Diversity and Inclusion. The road is far from easy – but the significance of ADR publications will definitely go down the US history. Thank you so much for doing ADR, Deborah!

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