White Ashes

Matsumoto Podcast: Japanese Americans in World War II

Constance Hayes Matsumoto and Kent Matsumoto authored “Of White Ashes” which is based on the true story of their Japanese American family during World War II. Constance is a former corporate and interior design devotee who embraced the art of creative writing. Inspired by Shakespeare’s “What’s past is prologue,” her writing is intended to influence positive change in our world. Kent, a third-generation Japanese American, was born in Virginia and spent his formative years living in Japan where he attended the American School. Together they empty-nest in Delaware and will make the Japanese American Memorial Pilgrimage.
MatsumotosHear them discuss:
1. The inspiration for “Of White Ashes”.
2. Their decision to co-author “Of White Ashes”.
3. What readers can take away from “Of White Ashes”.

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