Seeing Beyond the Label: Patriarchy – by Sharon Riegie Maynard

What we are facing in the United States, and really throughout the world, is a crisis in consciousness, a clash of value systems. Values are that which one believes. Values are the impetus for thoughts, attitudes, and actions and yet we seldom have conversations about the underlying reasons for the actions and cultures. It was over 20 years ago that Paul H. Ray created a platform to gather information as to the values held by the citizens within the U.S. This research study, which has been repeated several times, hold some key information to conversations around the problems being seen.

What the study indicated is that there are three distinct value systems held by individuals in our country. Paul H. Ray gave each of them names:

  • Traditionalist
  • Modernist
  • Cultural Creative
Here is a very simple break-down of these three groups according to the values each indicated.
  • Those in Fundamentalist category value one as leader, preferably male, who gives directive. Those under the leader are valued according to their obedience. These values reflect a time when humanity lived in small villages and had to act quickly to survive outside attacks.
  • Modernists favor larger rather then small. Their goal is to get to the top, not matter what it takes. Owning the most “things” is a mark of success, and competition is more important than relationship building. Obedience by those producing creates profits for the few at the top, the “successful” ones.
  • Cultural Creatives value freedom for personal exploration and growth, believe that each personal has a unique gift that enriches the whole. They believe that being connected to earth and living in harmony with each other is a fundamental truth. They value diversity, living in equity, and inclusion is favored.
The Traditionalist and Modernist have two major values in common:
  • That there ought to be the one at the top giving directive and that director is to be male.
  • The major portion of society ought to obey and serve without questioning. This is indicative of master and slave culture. Elitism, racism, sexism, usury, are spinoffs. Their values embrace domination, control. and use irregardless of the results.
The downside of these value systems:
  • those at the top make the decisions
  • having control of females is their “right”
  • voices of females are disregarded (or I love you so much that I will make all decisions for you)
  • the vulnerable are disregarded
  • the web of life is diminished because their systems are parasitic in nature
  • those who question, oppose, or expose are deemed “wicked”, “traitor” “terrorist”

What we see in our country is not a problem of Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative, Male, Female. It is the reflection of these value systems. Some values bring inclusion, balance, and benefit the web of life. Some value systems dominate and use, are parasitic in nature, and benefit the few at the expense of the many.

What those holding the Cultural Creative type of values need to know is that although they have felt isolated, this group is the only one growing in numbers. They will no longer be silent about the damage done by the other two. We are seeing a clash of the old values, their cultures, and systems and the growing new of the Cultural Creatives. The upheaval between the Traditionalist and Modernist culture and the Cultural Creatives will continue to grow and move us into a transitional time.

Remember the quote by Albert Einstein, “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” . We are witnessing a new level of thinking challenging the old values that created the problems we see. What an opportunity! This is not a time to sit on the fence or simply automatically respond from old values. We have the opportunity to evaluate what we want for ourselves, those we love, and those who will come after us.

This ought to give us hope.

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