You Are a Woman: Exploring the Mandate – by Lydia Taylor

Think like a woman, talk like a woman, walk like a woman because the mandate is ‘You Are a Woman’.  But how do I accomplish this?
In my previous article, I shared how I heard the words ‘You are a Woman’ during a time of prayer and meditation. In my pursuit of their relevance, I concluded that these words are not simply to confirm gender, but are a mandate urging women to make a difference in their communities and in the world. In that article, the reader is encouraged to discover how they may make an impact that will advance society and elevate those in their individual sphere of influence, whether great or small.

If we continue to explore the scope of this mandate, we should revisit an illustration given in the first article. In a nutshell, it stated that an individual saw a woman walking a short distance ahead of him. From that perspective the woman was attractive. She was a well dressed professional woman who appeared to have it all together. After a short time the onlooker, who was quite impressed, passed by the woman. After walking a short distance, the onlooker turned around to see this attractive woman from another angle and view another side of her. The onlooker was quite surprised to see that she had a full beard. The message for the reader was that women should not be required to look like men while getting their work done.
I believed that the mystery and relevance of ‘You Are a Woman’ was solved. Yet here we are, discussing this topic once again. Let us consider and expand upon our divine mandate.
To begin, when we pray there should be two way communication. Not only do we speak to God, but we should wait to hear what He has to say to us. Since writing the first article, the words ‘spartan’ and ‘pioneer’ were placed in my spirit. These words seemed random with no obvious connection and with several weeks passing between hearing each of them. Many would say that there was no reason to consider them any further, but when you wait to hear from God, whatever He says is significant.
All of the relevant information about the mandate, ‘You Are a Woman’, was not yet revealed for the first article. Further revelation is given after time has passed and we have positioned ourselves in a different way which allows us to see and think from a fresh perspective. Just when we think we have it figured out, we are given something new to add that expands upon our mandate. Let us take a look at what this means.
The women of ancient Sparta were unlike their contemporaries. They were unique in comparison to the women of other Greek cities, such as Athens. Spartan women were highly esteemed, financially astute, and leaders in their families. They were trusted with finances and given the responsibility for stabilizing and/or increasing the family wealth. Although their education was separate, Spartan girls were equally educated with boys in all areas, including physical training. They were athletic and participated in athletic competitions among themselves. Spartan women were encouraged to marry but not at an age premature to their physical and emotional readiness. Their opinions mattered to the men in their society and they were often consulted in matters of politics.
Pioneer women were trailblazers. Imagine their patience in the early days of America. They traveled hundreds of thousands of miles from one end of the country to the other. They traveled along uncharted trails into unfriendly territory. Their mode of travel was often a horse-drawn covered wagon with everything they owned in the back or tied to its’ sides. They were uncertain of what they would encounter along the way or what they would find upon arrival. But destiny was calling and many answered that call. These women were bold, courageous, and resourceful. They plowed the fields and planted seeds, hoping and praying for an abundant harvest.  These women had faith in God and ministered to the needs of their families and neighbors. They were the mothers of a new frontier.
Do you possess any of the characteristics of a spartan woman or a pioneer woman?  Are you a coach on the court of life, teaching and encouraging others to follow their dreams and become world class gamer changers? Perhaps you are a single mother modeling the way with integrity, dignity, and perseverance in light of limited resources. Are you an innovator? Do you have an idea for a new product or method of operation that has never been tried?
You must know who you are and identify the qualities you possess that set you apart as you serve humanity. Those qualities allow you to be fulfilled and to fulfill your unique purpose in this world.
Yes, here is more revelation about our mandate, ‘You Are a Woman’. Yet, there’s a nagging question in relation to this thing called revelation. Why don’t we get all of the information we need at one time? Here is a bit more revelation to answer that question. The more we grow the greater our capacity to know. The higher we climb, the greater our view of what exists below us. In other words, revelation comes with maturity. We continue to move forward with what we know today and keep our eyes open and our ears tuned for further clarity.
In closing, here is a final thought. The ancient Grecian woman of Sparta and the American pioneer woman had very different spiritual beliefs. Therefore, one may be wondering how they are related to one another or to you. The answer lies within the heart. God knows the uniqueness, bravery and dreams of a spartan woman, a pioneer woman, and the woman He is touching through this article. He would know because He put it there. He created us all and is still creating and recreating amazing women who will positively influence the culture and society in which they live and even beyond those boundaries.
Lydia Taylor

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