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ROBYN currently works as the Interfaith Advisor Coordinator for ADR New Beginnings 2020. She's part of its team creating a manual on reducing hate and increasing peace in cities and communities. She also manages Interfaith Professionals on LinkedIn, has written articles for United Religions Initiative, Harmony Interfaith Initiative, The Interfaith Observer, written several books on comparative world religions. and appeared on podcasts for The Voice of Islam and American Diversity Report. Her world religions books have been awarded DeRose-Hinkhouse Memorial Award 2018, given annually by Religion Communicators Council and recognized internationally by The Books For Peace Commission 2019 for distinguished activities of peace and solidarity. Her newest book earned the DeRose-Hinkhouse Memorial Award of Merit 2019.

Leadership in Crisis – by Robyn Lebron

One of the hardest things you may have to do over the next few days, weeks and months  is to BE the Leader that holds the light and strength for everyone around you.

You have all learned by now that certain people have special spirits, and people are drawn to you for your leadership, your courage and your inner strength.  This will happen even more right now, when there are so many searching for answers. In order for you to do that, you need to understand that these experiences will cause you to blossom into the leaders you are meant to become!

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