Until It’s Over — Poem by Darius Myrick

We are all family
My mother father
sister and brother
through thick and thin
turmoil and grief
triumph and success
always more nothing less
not a mountain i wouldn’t climb
or a river i wouldn’t swim
to get what you need or desire
when it seems so dim.

until the end, i love you forevermore
my cousins, my uncles, Aunt
grandmothers and grandfathers
my extended family through my
legacy, my other half of
my family tree. to those that
pave the way for me and
to the others that look up to
me; my heart beats no less
your struggles are also
my stress, we also make
moments never to forget, and
although we may disagree with regret
until the end, we will ride through our sunset.

then of course my creation
my wife,my kids
my nieces and nephews
the future and seed to live on
through me, my legacy.
even the sky will seem limitless
through God we will follow
my intelligence will rub off
my love will never stop
moments will be endless
yes times will be hard
struggles can be anew
disagreements will take place
but, we do it together
with one another, as a unit
as one, as my family.

when i look back
when my time comes
i will smile, reminisce
filled with emotion and
memories created and
prepare for my heavenly journey
enjoy my last moments here
finish my bucket list of things
a man wouldn’t dream
and spend final time with the
community, the tree that
i help build and become part of
my legacy, my
generation, my life, my
heart, my family

it lives on with me
through me and beyond me

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