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ADR Advisors: Influential Women in our Lives and Work

 ADR Advisors share women who inspire

When asked about the women who inspire them, our ADR Advisors share a range of iconic women and personal inspirations.  Some of the Advisors have chosen personal mentors, others have opted for historic figures and some chose both. My own choice is Margaret Mead, (see quote above) a pioneer in cultural anthropology also known for her research on sexual conventions in Western society.

Reading about the various influencers, I have no doubt that you’ll begin to generate a list of women who shaped your own lives.  Feel free to share in the Comments!

“A woman who inspired me was the late Margaret Sloan-Hunter. When I became friends with Margaret, I had been very active in civil rights but didn’t know a lot about the “women’s movement” or “feminism” and thought it was mostly middle and upper class white women who were fighting to not be “housewives” and go to work. I really had no understanding.
Margaret was one of the founding members of the National Black Feminist Organization and one of the original editors of Ms Magazine. She sat me down and schooled me, which changed my whole perspective. She got me to call myself a feminist and supporter of women’s rights, now gender equality. She fought against racism and  for Black women and other women of color to be heard and recognized in the “feminist” movement.”
~ ADR Advisor Simma Liebermann

“Dr. Madhulika (Lika) Guhathakurta, is a NASA astrophysicist who works as a scientist, mission designer, instrument builder, directing and managing national and international science programs and teacher and spokesperson for NASA’s mission and vision in the Heliophysics Division. She was born in India, received her Masters in Astrophysics from University of Delhi and Ph.D. in Physics from University of Denver and University of Colorado at Boulder. She is an inspiration to immigrant women and girls who aspire to be scientists.
Dr. Anandibai Joshi (1865-1888) was the first Indian woman to qualify as a doctor in Western medicine. When she lost her baby at the age of 14 she was inspired to become a doctor to offer women in India a level of care they deserved. She was trained at the Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania (the second program in the world). Although she died young, she was a trailblazer and especially an inspiration for generations of women who continue to have to fight social norms, expectations, and stigmas to follow their purpose in life.”
~ ADR Advisor Shalini Nag

“Linda Shevitz taught me everything I know about Gender Equity. Linda is an icon in the DC Metro Region and a local legend. She was my mentor in this space. Till this day client asks for a “male harassment trainer, they will not listen to a woman.” Thanks Linda!!!!”
~ ADR Advisor Mauricio Velásquez

“Nancy Pelosi–First female Speaker of the House, terrific Democratic leader, mother and grandmother, stood up to Donald Trump. shepherded excellent legislation, extremely articulate in press conferences, and does it all in high heels while looking good. She has it all…”
~ ADR Advisor Marc Brenman

“Queen Miller is the source of my inspiration. Queen Elizabeth Taylor was born to a formerly enslaved couple in Buckingham County, Virginia. At a religion conference, Queen met Rev. Gregory Will Hayes from the Lynchburg, Virginia Seminary. She enrolled in the Seminary and received her Ministry degree while graduating at the top of her class.
After graduation, she became an itinerant preacher around the state. One assignment came from Oak Grove Baptist Church in Staunton, where she met William Miller, a deacon. For almost a year, Miller transported her to church meetings in his horse and buggy, discussing her plans to open a home for unwanted and destitute children.  After their marriage, Queen took a job teaching in a nearby one-room schoolhouse until she and William formally opened the Queen Miller Orphanage and took in over 300 kids during the years it was opened, including my father and his three siblings.”
~ ADR Advisor Terry Howard

“My mother is not famous, so she wouldn’t necessarily be considered “iconic,” but she is to me. When I was growing up, my mom worked for United Airlines, so we were privileged to travel a lot. My mother had one rule for these trips: Whenever we went someplace, we had to learn something new. It didn’t matter if it was someplace we had been before or not; we always had to learn something new. Through this simple rule, my mother instilled in me a curiosity about new places and a love of learning about new cultures which heavily influences the work I do today”
~ ADR Advisor Susan McCuistion

“My candidate would be Miriam Polster who was one of my instructors in my certification as a gestalt therapist, a learning experience which put me in charge of a rather fragmented life. My all-time favorite line from Mim (her nickname) was, “If you need a reason, any one will do.” My decision-making process was forever enhanced by those words! Here are some haiku I wrote in gratitude for this insight.”
~ ADR Advisor George Simons

You need a reason?
You need a reason? Neuroscience reminds us, “Any one will do.”
Who you are comes first.
We say, “That’s me,” or, “not me”, to say “yes” or “no”.
Reason’s been dethroned, its age-old dynasty fled. Synaptic revolt!
It’s not surprising strongmen peddle race stories. Populism reigns.
What is false news? Nothing but making reasons match identity.
Facts are often trashed, unless their words can confirm whom we think we are.
When you need a “we” to feel good about yourself, which you do you choose?
I write my poems, select my identities, and share them with you.
When I am alone,
I need your mirror neurons to make me feel safe. 

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