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How Leaders Can Reduce Anxiety and Prevent Panic – by Simma Lieberman

We are still in the midst of a disruptive crisis no matter how “positive thinking police” try to spin it. As the Covid-19 quarantine continues with people working from home, with little or no social interaction, some of your team members may start experiencing a deeper level of anxiety. No one knows when or how it will end or what the “new normal” will look like. That anxiety due to seemingly uncertain futures and not knowing how or when the crisis will end, can cause some people to panic, lose focus about their work and disengage from the team.

With the right strategies you have the power to help yourself, your family and people in your organization to not panic and instead find joy and stay engaged. The actions you take now to increase and sustain connection, community, and inclusion will make the difference between a long re-entry or the shortest one possible. If you want to know five actions you can take immediately, read on.

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From Virus-Suppression to Workplace Return – by Deborah Levine and Cathy Light

How Leaders & Employees
Go from Fear to Optimism:
          One TEAM again

The new norm of work is a challenge for businesses and the workforce. No one is exempt from the challenges we face during this period of isolation.  Even those who are used to working virtually will have new demands placed on them. Teams will be forced to communicate differently and accommodate home-based needs. Team leaders must find ways to collaborate and move forward despite unprecedented uncertainty. Business owners can find themselves in a fight for survival while not only maintaining the ability to restart operations, but implementing creative ways to make that transition. How are we going to manage all this? Continue reading From Virus-Suppression to Workplace Return – by Deborah Levine and Cathy Light

Night of the Lyrids – Poem by John C. Mannone

       Every 22nd of April, meteor showers out of the
       constellation Lyra sometimes occur on Passover.

       Vega, the brightest star in the constellation,
       in Arabic means,
He shall be exalted.

Before the light of creation would rise
above the horizon, shooting stars streaked
across the Passover skies over Jerusalem.
Nighthawks folded their wings, fell silent.

In unison, the olive trees stretched
their crooked branches, jabbed the dawning
sky swabbed purple & crimson. The umber
silhouette of trees, in the same silence.

A voice cried out from the wilderness
inside the holy man kneeling there, the weight of all
the children’s dreams, his brothers’ and the world’s
sin heavy on his heart. Blood seeped through,

through his pores as he languished in prayer,
fallen on his face, the taste of dirt on his lips:
Father. Please let this cup of bitterness pass!
However, not my will but yours be done.

An angel might have lifted him up, wiped his tears,
and offered cool water from the clear brook,
before fading. His close friends were still lost
in their dreams, fast asleep on the lavender grass.

A serpent slithered on the rocks with stardust
glow, coiled its leathery skin shining like jewels,
then raised its diamond head, fake smile; rattled
a hiss of lies; fangs exposed ready to strike.

But the holy one only felt the kiss of a soft wind
…before Judas came.

Image credit: Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) April 24, 2014: Lyrids in Southern Skies, Yuri Beletsky (Las Campanas Observatory, Carnegie Institution)

Author’s Comments: The Lyrid meteor shower occurs as Earth goes through Comet Thatcher’s debris around April 22 each year, which means that sometimes the Lyrid meteor shower occurs on or around Passover. The showers are generally moderately weak (15-20/hr) but periodically Earth intersects denser portions of the cloud, and the sky can become brilliant with meteors that seem to come out of the constellation Lyra (90-100/hr). This occurs every 60 years when the other planets steer thicker parts of the dust cloud into Earth’s path. But the showers are greatly enhanced when the comet returns every 415 years and re-seeds the comet dust clouds, as in 1803 (700/hr) and in 687 BC as Zuo Zhuan had written “stars fell like rain.” Beginning with 687 BC as a reasonable starting point and stepping forward every 60 years, we learn that an enhanced Lyrid meteor shower could have occurred during the Passover in 33 AD, the possible date for Christ’s crucifixion.

How to Lead Yourself Through a Crisis – by Mary A. Moore

Real life, as we all know, is full of polarities: mountains and valleys; highs and lows; peace and war; happiness and loneliness; success and failure.

Though we, Earth’s human beings, are considered to be the wisest and the most powerful creatures on planet, there is a domain of control that we are incapable of. That domain is the control over the physical world. An Earthling like you and I can only control his or her inner self but not external dominions such as the direction to which the wind blows and where the current underneath the oceans flow. When the Earth sways and quakes rig off houses, when the sun blows its fire onto barren lands, we humans get physically hogtied and pushed to derangement IF WE ARE NOT WISE.

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Pandemic Thoughts – by Robyn Lebron and Sridhar Rangaswamy

Editor’s Note: Two of the Interfaith Advisors of the ADR New Beginnings project offer inspirational words during these difficult times. All of us are praying for the health and well-being of so many and for better times around the planet.

A Light in the Darkness – by Robyn Lebron

Fear of the unknown is very common; something we’ve all experience, I’m sure. I remember when my daughter was leaving a 200-student middle school, and going to a 2,500-student high school. She was terrified that she would be “lost all the time” until I reminded her that her favorite mall was twice that size, and she was never lost there!

The “little child” in us rears it’s head when situations arise that we feel unprepared for. But as we pass through the eye of the storm, something miraculous happens! When human beings are faced with difficult situations, they rise to extraordinary heights! The spirit inside us blossoms and we become the beings we are meant to be. The sight of another person or community in need erases all those childlike fears, and we expose our “superman” uniforms!

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Edge of the Echo – by KB Ballentine

After Amergin

I am the wren psalming the rising sun
I am the foam of the sea rushing the shore
I am the deer that leaps through woods,
I am the purple thistle, velvet and sting,
I am the otter romping the river,
I am the raindrop that sweetens the spring,
I am the red fox, tail brushing the field,
I am the moss that furs the bark of the oak,
I am the dolphin whistling in the waves
I am the hawthorn, berry and blossom, blush in the hedgerow,
I am the quicksilver moonbeam,
I am the center of the eye, pursuing the horizon,
I am the breath of God – stardust and song.

Editor’s note: The poem is in the style of the “Song of Amergin” (See and

Image credit: A willow wren with a wide distribution in Ireland [Photograph by marliesplatvoet (Pixabay)]

Remembering: A Woman’s Life Well-Lived – by Judy Kimeldorf

Reflecting at 80

Judy Kimeldorf was born in 1940 and witnessed or participated in world-changing events from the erection of the Berlin Wall to Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech, and now the disappointing step back into nationalism and fascism. She spends her time in retirement on community projects including Food Banks, monthly standing out with Trump-GOP protest placards programs, coordinating a program providing back-to-school supplies for limited income families, and guiding her local home owners association. I (her husband of 40+ years) invited 50 of her close friends to celebrate her 80th birthday. Judy and I celebrate  birthdays by remembering and reflecting, and this year, Judy recalled experiences shaping her life across 80 years. This piece is built from that speech and contains lessons for us all about balancing our fears and disappointments with our hopes and blessings.
Martin Kimeldorf

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Bias: Diversity and Inclusion Trends 2020 – by Soumaya Khalifa

D&I – Intentionality

Advisory Board - Soumaya Khalifa
Soumaya Khalifa

It’s exciting to start a new year and a new century with the hopes that this year will be better and offer many opportunities.  The work in Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) must be intentional and not a one-time activity to check-off the box. Successful organizations in the field tend to have D&I as part of their organizational DNA just like safety.  Some trends for this year include: intentionality and understanding for the business case for D&I, increase in unconscious bias awareness, and the expanding of the Muslim ban on its impact in the workplace. 

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